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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

About Our SEO Services

Your business website is the most important part of your promotional efforts online. If you have not taken the time to develop some sort of SEO campaign, you may well be hiding your website from the world. It is necessary for all businesses in today’s world to have SEO done to their website in order to assure that their customers can find them online. With a professional SEO campaign, we can make sure it is easy for your current and potential customers to find you online.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the continual process of improving your website’s rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The goal of SEO is to push your website to the first page of the results pages of search engines in the unpaid area. SEO enables your website to be seen when a potential or current customer searches for your products or services online.

So Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Your business needs good leads you can turn into loyal customers. Many studies have found that the SEO efforts that a business puts forth is directly proportional to their conversion rates. Businesses that do basic SEO show a 2% conversion rate while businesses that conduct an advanced or long term SEO campaign enjoy a 10% or better conversion rate.

Bottom line… Your business needs a professional SEO campaign to improve your rankings and conversions.

Why Should You Care About Google Anyway?

All of our SEO methods adhere to Google’s recommendations and “rules”. In today’s world, 91% of consumers use a search engine on a regular basis. Google commands nearly a 67% market share of these searchers. If you can dominate Google’s results, you will dominate all search engines.

White Hat SEO

We differ from other agencies and freelancers because we only use “white hat” strategies on your website. The search engines hate “black hat” and other dubious optimizing efforts. Things like keyword stuffing, spamming, cloaking, and backlink spamming will get your site penalized and your will ranking. Our methodologies abide by the rules and assure you that you can increase your rankings without worrying that one day you will wake to find your website on page 30 because you did not “play by the rules”.

What We Will Do For You

Professional search engine optimization involves complex guidelines and advanced techniques. The architecture, design, coding, content, linking and promotion of your website all play a factor. We start with intelligent research into the best keywords to use for your business to make sure you come up when a current or potential customer searches for your products or services.

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